as xyz said

I am getting increasingly annoyed with useless utterances of "as person xzy said" at the worksplace. The problem is not the attribution of credit, as such a laudeable practice, but its inflationary usage, which is skyrocketing faster than inflation in times of quantitative easing.

"As xyz said", is used from anything to waking up dozzing colleagues, trying to score cheap points with superiors and to convince others of whatever one is currently arguing for. What is annoying is that the original purpose seems to have been lost out of sight. Instead of attributing a good idea to someone else, or to draw people's attention to something useful someone has actually said, it regrettably no longer involves picking up on something substantial the "quoted" person has said, but merely to catch the persons's attention or to ostensibly give weight to whatever the utterer is arguing. (then person xyz is someone really important)
Variants include quoting something someone has actually said, but then to continue talking about something completely different, and others.
One problem is that it is remarkably effective as a rethoric tool. I have been caught of guard repeatedly, when I had supposedly said something, while all my counterpart wanted was my agreement with something totally unrelated to what I might have said. Yet it is fact that our brains seem to evaluate an idea more favourably if it supposedly comes from outselves. (Did I really say something that intelligent?). I must admit that I have also put it to suprisingly effective use, mostly to better sell an idea to someone who might be wary of me having an idea.
If the practive was not destroying real attribution of credit, I would almost be tempted to continued usage.